Thursday, January 17, 2013

I have also done several carving with clay, regular wood, and balsa wood. The Hunger Games pin was a present for niece who enjoys the books, I carved and hand painted it so she could wear it to see the movie in theaters. Hope you like my work, have a great day. God is great.

Classic Car (Wood)

Hunger Games Pin (Balsa Wood)

Angel (Balsa Wood)

Bus (Clay)

Psychedelic Skull (Clay)
Taken with several colored lights on.

Skull (Clay)

Dragon (Wood)

These are a collection of photos taken with my cellphone and enhanced or changed to create something new. I used some filters on my phone and others were worked on in Adobe Photoshop, just playing with the filters. Just messing around, as with my drawings I start with no expectations just doodling and as I go along I discover something new and my mind just takes over and an idea is formed. Hope you like my work, have a safe and wonderful day everyone. Thank you Lord.

Magic One
Mazda Butterfly
Candle Bulb
Aztec Calendar  B&W

Aztec Calendar Clear
Bird Mask 



Floral Cryptic

Flame On




Freeze On

Intertwined Chain

Candle Bulb B&W

Light The Way


Magic Too

Mazda Butterfly $ cancer

Bead Bubbles

Mazda Butterfly Flight

Mazda Butterfly Electric

Mazda Butterfly Colorful

My signature

Neon Tree


X Marks The Spot

In Hiding

On Fire (Adobe Photoshop)

Skulled  (Adobe Photoshop)

Mind Power (Adobe Photoshop)

I have somewhat forgotten about my blog. With work, family, and some personal and health problems I am finally coming back into my work through the grace of God, I have a renew sense to share my gift with the world. To try and help others and she light on the troubles of the people and our planet in general. I am sharing some of my pen drawings that I have finished over the past years, hope you enjoy my art, have a safe and wonderful day.

Heart With Wings
Beach Paradise
Between The Lines (Faces)
The World Today

UFO (Unknown Friendly Observer)
I enjoy Sci-Fi

Live Let Live

Monday, November 17, 2008

This panther was drawn from a request by an art friend, a woman whom I met at an art gallery. Her daughter had a panther tattoo on her back, she had passed away, an asked me to draw one, after looking through some of my work. Several things need improvement.
I remember seeing this in my head, I do love the way the water feels when its a light breeze that hits your face. I had other several ideas in mind, but this was the way it came out.
From the animated movie Cars, this drawing was for my nephew, he loves the movie. I drew this a while back, but never really decided to post it, until now. Hope you enjoy.